Celebrating its ten year anniversary, The Whitefish Lake Institute (WLI) is a science and education based 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation led by a volunteer board, a science advisory committee and a citizens’ advisory committee. Founded in 2005, WLI is committed to acquiring scientific research, providing education programs, and engaging the local citizenry to protect and improve Whitefish area lake resources of today, while providing a collective vision for tomorrow.  


To learn more about the Whitefish Lake Institute, go to www.whitefishlake.org. Proceeds from the Whitefish Wine Auction will assist the Whitefish Lake Institute in fulfilling its mission statement in the following ways:

  • Scientific data collection on Whitefish Lake, its tributaries , and local streams
  • Educational programs for both school children and adults 
  • Community stewardship of Whitefish area water resources
  • Ongoing maintenance of the Living Wetlands Interpretive Nature Trail in the Averill’s Viking Creek Wetland Preserve, which is owned and managed by WLI